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CDK Integration

Placing an order in CDK with a click of an option will transfer all of that information into CLS. No re-entering of data along with seamless data transfer back into CDK from CLS.

No More Bad Checks

CLS processes checks in seconds at the client’s shop; just like a credit card being processed. If the check is rejected the client is asked for another form of payment. Your accounting department will love you. Really.

No more calls

“WHERE IS MY PART” they ask again, again and again; like asking more will make it arrive faster. CLS provides real-time tracking of parts so client’s know to the minute when their part will arrive. OK, they’ll still call ….. but less :-)

Remote Routing and Order Processing

OK, so a couple of folks at your dealership know how to work the IT systems. Then one is on vacation and the other goes sick – CLS has remote routing and order processing so your operations don’t miss a beat. We are here for you, literally.

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California’s largest dealer-centric auto-parts service helps to deliver 10,000’s of parts everyday
Revolutionize how you compete against online retailers

InLog has been in business with its sister company CLS – Complete Logistic Solution, since 2004. Founded by Jeff Griffis who after years of working with several automotive distribution companies saw that each had the same problems. Jeff saw the opportunity using technology to save time, money and help the environment by creating 3rd party independent fixed cost technology platform. We are located across California with our headquarters at Garden Grove in Southern California. We have major hubs for our business in Fontana, Hollywood, San Diego, Carlsbad, Pleasanton, Stockton and Fresno.

Your Team

of Logistics Experts

Jeff Griffis

Founder CEO
Jeff Griffis is the Founder and CEO of InLog and CLS. He has led the business from a start-up to over 250 employees and 50,000 sq ft of warehouse space. Prior to InLog, Jeff originally worked for FeDex before consulting for Fortune 500 companies in logistics. Jeff is a graduate of Texas state University.

Dave Roberts

Operations Director
Dave has been with InLog for eight years becoming COO in 2011.  Dave was the Operations Manager for United Airlines in the financial services department where he directly managed 200 employees along with technology and process development for a call center of over 500 employees.

Hugh Dunkerley

Sales Director
Hugh is a former finance executive and with an extensive career both at the Federal government when he worked at the FDIC during the Great Financial Crisis 2007-2009 and with a series of both private and public companies. Hugh is a graduate of Westminster University in London, UK.


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